SCCM – Task Sequence – Error: 0x80070490

Recently I have been doing a lot of SCCM work and deploying tests.
Some of the clients I tried to run a task sequence to, gave me the following error 0x80070490.

I figured out it is because there where no partition (C:\) that the image could be stored to temporarily, so when the error is displayed:

  1. Press “F8“.
  2. Run “diskpart.exe“.
  3. Select the disk with “select disk 0“.
  4. Clean the disk with “clean“.
  5. Create a new primary partition with “create partition primary“.
  6. Set it to active with “active“.
  7. Format the partition quick to NTFS with “format fs=ntfs quick“.
  8. Assign the partition a letter with “assign letter=C:“.
  9. Now quit the application with “Exit“.

Reboot and try to run the task sequence again, if it fails once more you may need to look in the actually task sequence it self for errors.

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  1. Luis Vargas

    This surely works. Nothing on internet could help me. I really appreciate it! You rock man!

  2. Edson

    Hi! This works so well, but, How could I fix it from the task sequence?
    I do not want to do it with all the systems one at a time.

    Could you please help me?

  3. Christopher Moriarty

    Depending on if this can’t expand due to a disk with Bitlocker/your TS design, you may need two partitions.

    Select disk 0
    Convert gpt
    Create partition efi size=300
    Assign letter=k (or any available letter you want)
    Format quick fs=FAT32
    Create partition msr size=128
    Create partition primary
    Assign letter=c (at this step if the C letter is not available, check if you have USB key mounted)
    Format quick fs=NTFS

  4. Spencer Christopher

    I have to do this on a lot of machines I rebuild, and not really knowing much about SCCM etc it seemed logical to me that I could put this in a batch file on the USB boot media, then when I press f8 I would just need to run the batch file rather than typing it all in every time but that doesnt work. Ive got the idea that its something that can be put in the task sequence but I dont have access to that or have a clue about how to use it. Its just something that will help me if it can be done, if it cant no big deal but can anyone tell me if it is possible

  5. Tony Coppola

    I started having this issue will Dell laptops that are using NVMe storage. I have cleaned the partition and created a new one but I am still getting the task sequence error.

    1. John

      Go to BIOS and change SATA mode to AHCI then it should work fine
      this error occurs when its set to RAID

  6. Serpentbane

    For whatever reason I had to redistribudte my Boot Images for this to get resolved.

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  8. Rajendran K

    I am getting this error when i am trying rebuild the laptop.
    Tried above steps, but no luck.
    Any suggestion??

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