PowerShell – Automated Remote Desktop Services (RDS) web feed.

Recently I wanted to make it easy for users to add a Remote Desktop Service web feed through group policies. I created a script that needs to be run in the user context.

You need to specify a URL in the script as a variable.

Feel free to use it.


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  1. Roger

    Not even 5 years later and someone uses this script. 😉
    Thank you very much Alex for sharing this. This is still absolutely useful, because its still not possible to provide more than one default feed per GPO.
    The most important thing is the info you are providing here (with the script as bonus). How to construct the wpx XML file and how to use it with rundll32.exe.
    Only the line:
    Remove-Item -Path ($Directory[0] + “\” + $Directory[1]) -Force -Confirm:$false -Recurse;
    is a bit dangerous, when you change the $Directory from “C:\” to e.g. “C:\temp”. My whole temp was deleted. Thank god I didn’t use C:\users\roger
    Thanks again. I’m happy that I found this.
    Greets Roger

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