OneDrive – Replace ownership with PowerShell

If you need take ownership of an employees OneDrive, run the following PowerShell code.
Some requirements before running the script.

  • Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module:
  • SharePoint Online Management Shell:

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SharePoint – Disable throttling on a list

If you ever need to disable SharePoint throttling on a specific list instead of the whole web-application.

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Exchange – Event ID 106 – Performance Counter Updating Error

Here’s just a quick post on removing the Event ID error 106 from your application logs on Exchange Servers.

You will properly at some point see the following in your event log:

This is caused because the performance counters cannot be loaded properly.

To correct this, do the following.

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Disabled/Disconnected mailboxes with PowerShell

Have you ever wanted to get all disconnected mailboxes from Exchange?

Here is a “short” PowerShell syntax, for exactly that:

It checks only the mailbox servers in your Exchange farm, and finds the disconnected/disabled mailboxes.