PowerShell – Invoke-Ping

Just wrote a small PowerShell function that can output ping results to a file including timeouts and unreachable information. This is not something the native Test-NetConnection cmdlet can do (prove me wrong?) unfortunately.

Use the function free of charge.

The function will run forever. There are 3 options to set:

  • Destination = IP or Hostname (mandatory).
  • OutputFolder = Sets the output folder, for the CSV file (optional).
  • OutputToScreen = Output the result to the screen if possible, true/false (optional).

Experienced advanced operations engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Windows Server, Azure, Ethical Hacking, Office 365, Exchange, Jenkins, SCCM, Octopus Deploy and PowerShell to name a few. Strong engineering professional with a big passion for knowledge.

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